Thursday, July 23, 2009

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 I've decided to start a blog of the processes and progress of my recent and upcoming artwork.  Check back often to see new work, plans for future work, and exhibits.  

Quick description of myself and my art:

My name is Kasey Tararuj and i have been interested in art my entire life.  It was not until 2000 that i really began to use art on a different level than most artists.  This is because i became paralyzed, and my art was and has been my only real outlet for these unbearable feelings and frustrations.  It has been my only form of therapy to get through my life with a disability, and it has slowly formed into a serious addiction.  I feel like i can never paint or draw enough.  I love it and i love the fact that it feels like a drug that i can't get out of my system. 

Currently i'm very into my One-Eyed Girl series a.k.a. "1EG"  
1EG's have one eye, and one leg.  Each is carefully designed; some as a specific character with a related background, others with a specific theme/idea with a supportive background.  Basically, 1EG's are meant to provide a new, maybe eerie look to both familiar subjects or made up scenarios.  They are fun to make and i have a million ideas that i'm trying and will continue to try.  

This is the very first 1EG that i drew for my Red Horse Gallery Exhibit back in February.  I've made plenty of more advanced ones since then.. check back soon to see some of the progress i've made!

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