Wednesday, June 29, 2011

her celestial body

this is my piece for the much anticipated "rockets, robots, and ray guns" show (see show info below).

i normally like to show the layers of my 3D paintings, but the layers in this one are especially hard to show.  there are 4 total layers (kind of..) but the most important (and my favorite) are the layers of the starry sky.  i used the layers and depth to create space. outer space. i know it's not uncommon or unique to say i've always been drawn to and have a life-long infatuation with the night sky, but i have and do. my first tattoo at age 17 was of little twinkling stars, when my consuming night sky obsession was at its highest. when i decided to make my cyborg 1EG (i think we can all guess why i chose a cyborg), it didn't take long to set my focus on a starry, spacey, galaxy-like atmosphere. it creates an effect you can only get in person, so come out to northern liberties in philly to see it while you can! we have an amazing artist participation list on this one, so come out to see for yourself.


"Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns" (a retro sci-fi gallery art show) by The Autumn Society will visually explore the sudden invasion of these machines into Earth culture. The Toothless Cat/ Jinxed in Philadelphia will be host the explosion event"

The walls of The Toothless Cat/Jinxed Gallery will explode with imagery as The Autumn Society presents another out of this world event: “Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns” (a retro sci-fi gallery art show). The show will feature over 30 pieces of art by local and national artists. All present their perspective and vision of the retro-sci fi imagery of Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns

The art show will be curated by local Philadelphia artist/illustrator, Paul Palcko (, known best for his clown paintings and Clowntastrophe! events. (A joint effort between Palcko and Psydde Delicious of Delicious Boutique)

“Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns” will be an amazing show of talent and retro sci-fi imagery-it’ll be a blast!” comments Autumn Society co-founder, Chogrin (who is also producing this event.)

Opening reception:
Friday July 1st, 2011. 6-10pm.
The Toothless Cat/Jinxed Gallery
Piazza at Schmidt’s
2nd and Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia 19123
(Northern Liberties section)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i believe this is the last posted of my 8 most recent customs. snugglepus! snugglepus is my almost-octopus with his one-armed teddy bear. i knew i wanted him snuggling up to a teddy, so he really just didnt' feel complete without a onesie.  well, as close as a onesie i could get on this adorable little mollusc. my poor planning (or non-planning) caused him to be a little side-heavy, so he doesn't stand on his own yet.  i have a little cozy bed and pillow in progress as his base, and soon snugglepus will be complete!

 customized kidrobot munnyworld BUB

snugglepus's one-armed teddy

Monday, June 27, 2011

they will surf again!

saturday, june 18 marks the day i went in the ocean for the first time since my "injury." for the first time in nearly 11 years, i was able to feel the rough ocean waves crash against my face and body, the taste of the salty water down my throat and up my nose, the wet sand sticking to and hiding in every crevice of my body with no hope of brushing off for an unnatural amount of time. it was easily one of the most amazing experiences i've had in my lifetime. it's amazing how something that used to be so familiar to me felt so unique and brand new. i can thank life rolls on for that, and the wonderful they will surf again event that i was so proud and lucky to be able to have participated in.  to fill you in on what TWSA is, click here. i didn't know what to expect, but as i sat and blankly watched other disabled surfers riding waves and flipping their boards and falling helplessly into the water, panic set (in even more than it already had). i had trouble listening to anything anyone said or focusing on anything but my squirming tummy. i was basically blacked out up until the point that i got hit in the face with the first wave.

the surfboard was altered with two handlebars attached, and i cannot stress enough how tight i was grasping onto them. the phenomenal volunteers did their best to raise me over each oncoming wave, but the big ones felt like i was getting hit by a truck every time. the ocean literally beat me to death, but i never let go once. i was holding on for dear life and every inch of my upper body was unbelievable sore the following few days. when all was said and done and i was carried (still on my board) back onto the beach, i finally let go of the handles where i felt and saw my hands shaking.

there were volunteers everywhere, and i mean everywhere. (you can see above how many there were in the deeper water. it looks like i'm in the middle of a swarm of sharks ready to attack.) i was surprised at how safe i actually felt despite having no real control over my body in the water. basically how it worked, there was a group of volunteers who carried me out over the shallow water, until passing me off to the deeper water volunteers who swam me out to sea over each oncoming wave and set me up for a wave to ride all the way back down to the beach, where that same original group caught me (or saved me if i fell off the board) and repeated the same process again. while i was holding on with every ounce of strength i had, my arms were killing me but i refused to take a break because i didn't want to waste a single moment since time was limited. but all the while i was impressed and amazed at my team for their hard work and dedication. they must have been exhausted from pushing bodies out into the ocean over and over again, but all with a smile on their faces. they were amazing and i'm incredibly grateful for every single one of them. obviously, i wouldn't have had been able to experience this if not for them.  

just the fact that i was in the ocean was the biggest thrill for me since it has been so long. every memory i have of being in the ocean is from when i was a kid. the last time i was phsyically able to was when i was just a kid, and i think that's what made it so special for me. although riding a wave all the way down to the shore was a blast, and i am fully addicted. i thought i'd be terrified of falling off the board, but even that was actually really fun.
video! i know, it's kind of awkward to watch. also, you can stop watching after i flip over, i think my sister just wanted to record herself running on the beach?
i have a ridiculous amount of photos (the more the better, i say) but here are just a few more of how things went down, my team, and of course surfing:

Friday, June 24, 2011

i'm a real boy!

life rolls on's event "they will surf again" in wildwood crest, nj this past saturday, june 18
a really special and amazing day for me
more photos and details about my first time in the ocean in 11 years coming soon!

fantastic photos courtesy of, who were printing out free photos for surfers that day, giving all of us a chance to bring home a reminder of our special day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

VSA auction

 i recently participated in vsa of nj's art auction at the red horse gallery, and although i unforunately wasn't able to stay for the auction, i did get a chance to take some photos of everyone's pieces hanging. i hear the auction went wonderfully, and i ended up selling two of my pieces, "piknik's booboo" and "fruit tree." my remaining 3 pieces will be on display and for sale at the gallery for a few months, so feel free to stop by and see them at the red horse gallery (freehold raceway mall. freehold, nj. upper level next to sears)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cheese biscuit (and grater)

my darling cheese biscuit! this is cheese biscuit the racing giraffe and grater the rat jockey.  i made my dynamic due during the munnyworld megacontest, where i was caught off guard yet extremely ecstatic when cheese biscuit won for best raffy!! for those of you who don't know, this is a raffy (a kidrobot blank do-it-yourself figure.) i was chosen by musician erykah badu. (technically, i don't know who she is.... but i know she's famous, so i'm going to pretend to  demand bragging rights.)

i knew the moment i saw the raffy platform when it initially came out that i wanted to make a giraffe out of it. with a long tall neck and long tall legs. the shape was obviously influenced by the mighty giraffe, and i hate to do the obvious. but i thought i could really do something great with it, and i am happy i did. the fun part was trying to make him stand on his own, considering he was unbelievably top heavy.

when i finished making cheese biscuit, i had to make his little side kick, grater. i knew i wanted a small little kritter on his back, and i knew i wanted him to be a jockey. a rat just seemed to fit too well. i wanted him to look playful and/or crazed, and i'm pretty excited about the turnout of his pose.

i love to see and show the process of my pieces, so here's a tid bit of pre-paint and mid-paint.

i'm still beyond excited about the munnyworld contest win (x2!) i'm so honored and grateful for the recognition of my hour upon hour of hard work. not to mention i have an unhealthy obsession and attachment to my figures so the fact that people like them is the greatest feeling in the world.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

shell-shock art show!

i showed you the pizza box exclusive prints from the autumn society's SHELL-SHOCK ninja turtle art show, now here are a few photos of the show!

my 3-D michaelangelo painting! ("gnarly gnight")
i spoke to a bunch of people who said they really liked my piece, so that was exciting of course. you can also see there are so many amazing pieces of all different characters in all different styles. see even more on the autumn society's blog .

timmy roselle's fantastic donatello sculpture (in the box on left)

the show had a huge turn out. tons of people came by to check out the art, and there was constant crowds throughout the night.  there were a lot more people than this, but you sure can see it was a packed show.

most importantly, the homemade turtle van!! awesome.

thank you to the autumn society, chogrin, and brave new worlds for another gnarly show :)

UPDATE! way cooler, here is a video from the show's opening! my pieces is shown, where you can get a slightly better idea of the 3-D effect...

This video was filmed and edited by Isaac Ruth, Produced by Chogrin of the Autumn Society.

Music (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Dance Version Theme) by DWP STUDIO PROJECT ( - available on iTUNES
Credits Music from ULTRA GAMES / KONAMI's TMNT game intro (1989).

Monday, June 20, 2011

of elegant beauty

this is the piece i made for this year's art all night. it's the first 1EG painting i've done in the 3-D style, and i kind of see this as the start of something big and great for my 1EG's. i made her with the victorian era in mind, and i did a lot of research on victorian fashion and women while designing her.... and by "a lot" of "research", i mean i did a google image search.


these are the layers to the piece:  the fancy pattern border painted on glass raised about 1/4" inch above the pretty one-eyed girl painted on canvas board background.

i was thrilled when my elegant beauty quickly sold at art all night on saturday, but i'll elaborate on the details of how the night went with some photos later on!

Friday, June 17, 2011

art all night 2011

art all night is this saturday, june 18 - sunday, june 19! 24 hours of every type of art you can think of, plus lots of other fun entertainment!  this is my 4th time showing artwork and 2nd time volunteering. it's really just a fun event to be a part that i look forward to every year.  i can't post pictures of my piece because it's not finished yet (fingers crossed i get it done..) but here's a little sneak peek. of my elegant beauty.

about art all night:  Art All Night-Trenton is a 24-hour (literally) art and entertainment event in Trenton, NJ! An opportunity for four-year-old refrigerator artists, spirited novices and seasoned professionals to display one piece of art in a gallery like setting and for the public to enjoy that art in a dramatic renovated urban space.  FREE to submit! FREE to attend!

Last year over 850 artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums submitted work and more than 10,000 people attended. Enjoy live music on indoor and outdoor stages, interactive art, art films featuring stop motion photography and animation, lectures about using art to revitalize cities, meaningful kids art activities, interesting food, and plenty of artful surprises!

Art All Night - Trenton takes place in the Chambersburg section of Trenton in a sprawling 50,000 square foot former Roebling Wire Works factory building and at the adjacent Millyard Park, an urban park owned and maintained by the Mercer County Parks Commission.

roebling wire works
(adjacent to the roebling market)
675 south clinton avenue
trenton, nj 08611