Tuesday, July 31, 2012

family portrait

here is the family portrait i previewed recently. a commission for a couple's 4 year wedding anniversary. i was happy to make something special for the occasion.  the piece includes the happy couple, their pups, some little things that they love or represent them, on a sandy beach base.

the dog's nickname is "bean," so i made a bean riding on his back.

like the bean, this girly's nickname is "chick," so a chick rides on her back.

special little things that they love:

Monday, July 30, 2012

home construction!

i'm sad to say i still have not worked on any art. it has been FAR too long, which is a shame. but most importantly, i closed on my condo and i am now all moved in.  i'm not homeless and more and i'm officially a homeowner!  it has been nothing but long days of construction and decorating, mostly my parents doing all the work while i point and direct uselessly. it's almost finished and i'll have the month of august to work my ass off night and day, making lots of new artwork before returning to work in september.  

here is my brand new kitchen, in progress! my 50's diner kitchen. literally the greatest kitchen of all time. this is the nonsense that happens when i'm allowed to make grown up decisions and decorate myself.  just wait until you see my bright, hot pink 80's bathroom.. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

family portrait preview

a short while ago, i was commissioned to create a family portrait in 3D ! i've done dogs and i've done people, but this is the first to combine them together.  here's a little preview before i share the final piece.  the two pet pups, later to be added to a larger one-piece sculpture.

i'll explain the bean and chick on saddles when the time is right.

Monday, July 16, 2012

starfish in love

i just returned from a 2 week visit to the beautiful state of california. this explains my recent lack of posts, and to make things worse, i arrived back home in new jersey to find myself homeless... which means all of my art projects and supplies are packed away carefully. i've been left with all this free time, that should be spent on art, wasting away on nonsense.  but fear not! after an abnormally long and painful process, i will officially be a homeowner tomorrow, which means my art-making will get back on track shortly. my sincerest apologies to all who have been patiently waiting for art from me! 

in the mean time, here is my favorite photo from my trip to california.  starfish in love! i took a long journey to the aquarium of the bay in san franciso, all by myself! it was maybe an hour or so walk from the apartment to the aquarium, which i pushed myself through in my shaky, obnoxious wheelchair like a champ.  normally i'm too nervous to do certain things solo, especially in the chair through a big city i don't know, so this was kind of liberating.  i think i did it more because i wanted to prove i could rather than actually wanting to go. although there's nothing more lovely than staring at giant fish and sharks with funny overbites gliding around in a quiet aquarium atmosphere. it was a tiny aquarium that i slowly browsed through twice, but finding these two stars was the highlight of my day.

Monday, July 9, 2012

TWSA: wildwood 2012

this year's Life Rolls On: THEY WILL SURF AGAIN event in wildwood, nj was the windiest of windy days. but it was amazing. as you can see the the high volume of volunteers is touching. 

this is my 3rd TWSA event and having the opportunity to enjoy myself in that dark, creepy ocean makes me happier than anything.  i can't explain enough how deeply affected i am each time i've participated by this event and everyone who's a part of it. 

 the waves this time were a little rough.  my rides weren't as great this time, but the big, rough waves definitely made it a fun experience. 

he is apparently STOKED that i am holding on for dear life not to get swept away into the deep blue, while the other chick has nothing but pure concern for the both of our safety.

 "dumb face excited, weee"

this one is my personal faorite. the helpless hand reaching out for help. oh god why won't someone help me?! 

honestly my favorite part might be falling off my board and bobbing in the water waiting for someone to frantically throw me back on in a slight panic. i just want to tell them, "heeey. it's cool.. i'm alright" in some super cliche surfer dude voice.

i'm a princess. an excited princess. go team green! you made my memorable and exciting day possible. it's all these guys and gals who gave me the opportunity to experience something amazing that i, at one point, never imagined possible.  there are tons of people out there who still have no knowledge of this whole deal (i know this because i talk to them all the time).  life rolls on changes lives! 

the surfer with her board! awww yeah.

sister! surfer and volunteer. hopefully in august the two of us will be in virgina beach bringing this dream of mine to life a 4th time! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

wildlife learning center art show fundraiser

some photos i borrowed of the autumn society's wildlife learning center art show fundraiser! this place looks absolutely amazing and i wish i could have been there. i still would just love to visit. visit the autumn society's facebook album for more photos here!

 my classy little fox on display: