Friday, June 29, 2012

a very MAGICAL 1EG friday !

happy 1EG friday!
this is still in progress, but i love the design of it. my magician and her rabbit!

these are just rough ideas. i'll figure out if or how i want to include color.  one of these days.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

needs more butter art show!

some photos from the "needs more butter" all-gal art show at life is sweet cake shop! the art was neat, the cupcakes were yummy. i had 3 pieces on display. a one-eyed girl, a kaotic kritter, and a third. completely random together, but it's fun to be random sometimes.

i could not resist getting a "mustachio pistachio" cupcake. hilarious! and delicious.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i leave TODAY for my favorite city, SAN FRANCISCO! 
i may be gone for 2 weeks, but i have taken the time to write some posts in advance. i will still have computer and internet access, so i'll do what i can to update with any art i create on my journeys or travel tips (mostly for the disabled).

i am flying away from home to my favorite california boy, to some of my favorite family and home friends, for two whole weeks. but it's not all fun and games. sadly, i have no choice but to leave the love of my life at home. my dearest, thoughtful friend decided to help me through this rough time in my life by creating a little miniature version of her.  i can not stop laughing at it.  thank you bill hewitt. you are a riot.

wish my luck on my SECOND journey flying across the country alone (still with that whole disability thing in the way. read past posts about concerns and solutions here)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

art all night 2012

a few photos from this year's ART ALL NIGHT.  i didn't get many photos at the show, it was a huge crowd.  nothing is more fun than trying to navigate a big, bulky wheelchair in a shoulder to shoulder crowd. my piece "glad rags" got some great feedback and i was happy to see it sold!

my buddy and fellow artist's awesome tiki painting below, bill hewitt!

always love this event.

Monday, June 25, 2012


new painting! i started this one years ago, and finally finished it to hang in the "Needs More Butter" art show, which opened this past saturday. stop by life is sweet cake shop in bradley beach, nj to check out this piece in person, along with a few others. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

1EG friday: delightful and delectable

new 1EG ! since i'm in love with cupcake decorating, i thought this would be fun to paint. just in time for the "needs more butter" all-gal art show! this saturday, june 23. at life is sweet cake shop. 126 main street. bradley beach, nj

framed with a 3D layered effect. the glass is raised above the painting with some faint floral designs: 

yum yums.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


update on the kidrobot munnyworld contest.  i sadly had to forfeit my Best Foomi and Best Raffy titles........ but i win BEST IN SHOW! so excited!
check out the new winners here.
UPDATED: 6/19/201
It has come to our attention that the original Best In Show winner was in violation of our rules and to be fair it was disqualified. We now declare that “Doctor Poingeckster and Flamingor” by Kasey Tararuj is the the new 2012 grand champion of MUNNYWORLD. Because of this decision, Sean Viloria has been awarded Best RAFFY and Charles dRodriguez is now Best FOOMI.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sir fennec foxington

SIR FENNEC FOXINGTON!  is he not the cutest fennec fox of all time? i created sir fennec for the Wildlife Learning Center Art Show Fundraiser, this saturday! each artist picked an animal from the center to create a piece of art of. wish i would be there! details below:

You are invited to a very special fundraiser art show in collaboration with the Wildlife Learning Center ( & the Autumn Society (

The art show will premiere on Saturday, June 23rd (5pm-7:45pm)
The show will take place at the Center:


All Proceeds will go toward the feeding & care of the animals at the center.

Artists of the Autumn Society and other special guest artists illustrate, paint, and sculpt various animal species that belong exclusively to the Center.

Learn more about the center, its mission, and of course about the animals in the websites below:

Monday, June 18, 2012

glad rags

here's my latest piece! i made this for ART ALL NIGHT this past saturday-sunday. 24 hours of art and music. it sounds a little juvenile, but my main goal was to make a really "pretty" piece. maybe classy. this one-eyed girl is influenced on 1920's flappers. i very much enjoyed creating and painting her, and i tried out some new things in hopes of making the piece pop or stand out a little more. i added some texture to her dress and headband. i added some 3-dimensional pearls. and my favorite was the customized 3D border, masonite cut to the shape i wanted (thanks to my amazing, always willing to help dad who cut the masonite for me). in my opinion, it's definitely a piece that needs to be seen in person

the area between her chest and belly has some fun textures. 

more 3D pearls on her bracelt

and my favorite border, slightly above the actual 1EG painting

 the border alone, and the painting pre-border/frame:

i'll definitely be making more using some of these ideas in the future. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

1EG friday: sneaky peeky

the sneakiest peekiest of my piece for tomorrow's ART ALL NIGHT. saturday 3 pm to sunday 3 pm. come check out my newest 1EG painting. 

be there or be square!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

WINNER X 2 !!!!!

i won best foomi and best raffy! 
it's the 3rd year in a row that i've won for 2 categories. i'm not gonna lie, i'm super stoked.

my buddy, the talented bill hewitt won best bub!
i told you he and i are taking over the world.

congrats to all the winners!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wave warriors art show

i just realized i never posted a photo from the wave warriors art show and benefit at doc taylor's seaside longue in virgina beach. i wasn't able to attend since it was a bit too far away, but here is a photo of my work in the show. also, here is an album of some great photos on facebook of the event:  wave warriors!

also, don't miss out on this year's ART ALL NIGHT. this saturday for 24 straight hours in trenton, nj. huge event, tons of art, live music, a fun time:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

needs more butter, an all-gal art show!

Needs More Butter, An All-Gal Art Show! 

Join your favorite, artistic ladies of the Jersey Shore Saturday, June 23rd at Life is Sweet Cake Shop in Bradely Beach, NJ beginning at 5 PM. 

Come mingle, support your local art scene, eat some yummy treats and drink champagne!

Meera Lee Patel
Suesan Cota

The show will be up for a bit, so if you’re unable to make it on the 23rd please feel free to stop in whenever. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

barnabe and harvey

meet barnabe and harvey! the greatest hobo duo of all time.  they loves their beans. they might be an unusual pair, but my homeless camel won't go anywhere without his grasshopper sidekick. barnabe the camel is a customized kidrobot raffy, while i customized kidrobot and adult swim's monarch figure for harvey the grasshopper. i've been wanting to make a camel for a year or two now, and while i wanted to do a hobo edition of garth and banjo, i decided to use the idea for this one, which i think was the right decision. enjoy! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

1EG friday: i scream!

happy 1EG friday!
i haven't had time to upload anything new, but here's a drawing from '09

Thursday, June 7, 2012

slumber party!!!

the greatest slumber party cupcakes of all time. each made specifically for and of each person in attendance. my personal favorite are drew, sportin' the dreads, the only male with a teddy bear, wide-eyed awake, possibly scared. cory, the monster giant too tall for his sleeping bag with his feetsies sticking out.  and bill, who is...a teddy bear. 

the design i got from hello, cupcake and the were very easy to make.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tony "sleepin' wit da fishes" walrini

meet tony "sleepin' wit da fishes" walrini. 
tony is one tough gangster walrus. 
he will kill you.

i was trying to come up with an idea using kidrobot's trikky figure. i finally thought to flip the head upside down and turn the ears into tusks.  i had no idea if it would work or how it would look, but i gave it a shot. once i finished the head, i had to figure out how to give the 2-legged body a walrus feel to it. i added some flippers coming from the front, while on his backside i filled in the gap between his legs leading to his little tail.   i love the challenge of using these platforms in different, nontraditional ways. 

attaching his hat and whiskers seemed to be the most difficult part of this one. those whiskers were almost the death of me..