Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween cupcakes!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! here are my halloween cupcakes this year. you can tell i had no time by the looks of these cupcakes.. store bought candies, toothpick zombies, and messy pumpkins. but they are festive and i love halloween! everyone go celebrate with a horror movie and trick or treaters!

so i obviously should have added some gravestones and brains.. but i had no time.  next time. i have plenty of zombie toothpicks left over to do so.

my rushing resulted in messy pumpkins, but they are pumpkin cupcakes (made by sister dl!) so i had to try to make them look like pumpkins.  design is from "hello, cupcake" book with some alterations (lack of materials).  i like to think these looked better in person.

i would have loved to make my own candies for these, but no time. again. these i just wanted to try out the color spray mist. definitely a fun addition to cupcakes that i'll have to experiment with in the future.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


october has brought me a lot of unexpected and wonderful things to keep me overly occupied.  i didn't get to do much halloweeny stuff this year, like haunted houses and pumpkins, as i usually do. i had to make up for it by spending a few days at work making halloweeny bulletin boards! i work at 2 schools, so that means 2 bulletin boards.  hey, at least i get to incorporate some artsy fun sometimes into my non-art related job. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


those of you who are anxiously wondering why i haven't posted, this precious tiny little face is the reason.  this is leela, my 6 month old australian terrier, the cutest, sweetest, most snuggley puppy of all time.  daily posts will resume as soon as possible, but bear with me while i adjust to our new life together !

Friday, October 21, 2011


a video of the show i recently participated in, the ICONOCLASTIC DEAD premiere by Rafael "Dr Charro" Morales below. a great video, with amazing music. a video that i'm excited shows every piece of artwork! we can all feel like we were there in mexico to see the for the show ourselves :)

It is with great pleasure and honor to announce the beginning of the Autumn Society Mexico. For starters, The Autumn Society's "THE ICONOCLASTIC DEAD" show was a big success in Mexico City! So much so, that we have signed on for several more shows to take place in Mexico City between 2012 & 2013!
At this point I'd like to thank several people for making this dream a reality. German Orozco for his leadership, friendship, the marimba, and for taking this show above and beyond! Jorsh Pena, for providing some stellar special guests and artists. Jorge Gutierrez, Rhode Montijo, and Alberto Cerriteno for sharing their wonderful art and accompanying us on the show. Guru Galeria y tienda for all the love and goods that they provided for the show (papel picado, t-shirts, postcards, ads, tequila, and all the rest!). Another big thank-you to Rosario Ruiz, Manuel Lugh, Romero Chagoyan, Bere & Bere, POGO, and all of the Hula Hula gang! Gracias a todos who came out that night!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

tar zombie

i made a super quick last minute piece for the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD charity show this weekend. i decided to practice some more woodburning, with stains and touch of acrylic, illustrating the hilarious TAR ZOMBIE!

1.                                     2.

3.                                 4.

1. sketch  2. woodburning.  3. acrylic  4. stains

Mini art show based on the cult-classic 80s movie "RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD" ( The show is being set up as a charity fundraiser for actress, Jewel Shepard (who played Casey in the movie), who has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This show will take place on October 22nd @ Dark Delicacies (Burbank, CA).  Clu Gulager (Burt) and Jewel will be at the show, and rockstar Illustrator William Stout ( will be donating an original illustration as well.

Monday, October 17, 2011

enjoy it.

i've been swamped with all different types of fun and exciting things lately, but until i get myself together to share them with you, here's a sketch inspired by the greatest scene in the greatest movie of all time! (made for a fellow eternal sunshine fan)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

disabled dogs

my hunger for my puppy-soulmate continues to grow, even more after seeing these amazing photos of amazing dogs by photographer carli davidson. the concept and execution are out of this world.  see the photos here!!

While pet photographer Carli Davidson may be known for her awesome Shake series where she uses high speed photography to capture dogs in motion, she's recently turned her attention to another project that deserves some much needed attention. Pets with Disabilities was an idea that started two years ago while Davidson was walking alongside the Canon Beach in Oregon.

As she tells us, "There was this totally beautiful German shepherd in a wheelchair playing fetch with its owner. It was so happy, a dog doing what dogs do, totally undeterred by its disability. I felt inspired by the whole scenario. The owner made this choice out of love, to do a little extra work every day to make sure his friend was happy and comfortable.

"I thought a lot about this pair in the following weeks, and decided I wanted to create a project showcasing differently abled pets, telling their stories in order to show the world that they are happy, thriving companions. They are not sad, they are not in pain, and the owners and animals continue to be of great value to one another."

All of the dogs pictured here are from Portland, Oregon. Davidson started this project by asking people on Facebook to submit their handicapped dogs as models and word of mouth has spread the idea so far that she now has people approaching her on a regular basis, asking her if their dogs could be added to the series. Davidson is currently working on a book.

What does this photographer want others to get out of this series? "I really hope that what people take away from these stories is information to make decisions for their own pets, an appreciation for the resilience of all animals, and ultimately a sense of normalcy from the photos and stories," she says. "Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, and our relationship and compassion towards animals continues to evolve. I think this book is simply following a natural path towards a greater acceptance of these pets."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

golden pig preview

sneak peek of the GODLEN PIG TROPHY for the winner of the flame-off glass blowing competition at the C.K 2011 wholesale expo. i'll post the full trophy later on (complete with a glass blown base and photos of my first wonderfully awkward experience blowing glass). i was super excited to have the opportunity to create the trophy (thanks to jason harris and mike at lava rubber!)

i'll be doing some live painting at the event afterparty, also battling against 2 other painters. my first
live painting..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fish stix: gold penguin

who has a cool router name for their internet? the ones they choose for you that are always just nonsense, random letters/numbers.  well i've never heard of a fun one, but i was asked to paint a piece inspired by one specific person's wireless internet name.  gold penguin.

with an awesome name like that, how could you not want a gold penguin at least somewhere in your apartment?  well they got fishstix. the gold penguin. (he's a little more shimmery gold)

busy busy busy, lots of things going on so, trying to stay on top of things, but i'll fill you in, dear blog, soon enough.

Monday, October 3, 2011

iconoclastic dead preview


saturday night was the premeire for the ICONOCLASTIC DEAD show at guru gallery in MEXICO!  i was worried when my piece almost didn't make it there, but it got there and i'm excited to see some coverage since i'm not able to be there myself.