Friday, November 30, 2012

deep tales

"deep tales"

i just realized i never posted my pretty mermaid 1EG.  i loved painting her. she's one of my favorites.... at least until the next one.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thanksgiving pie cupcakes

my thanksgiving cupcakes this year!

i hope everyone had as lovely a holiday as i did!

Monday, November 26, 2012

the carpenter and the walrus

who knows and loves the story of the carpenter and the walrus?! well here it is:

i was asked to do a commission of a 4" munnyworld figure and a 3" dunny.  i came up with the idea to recreate the well known story of the carpenter and the walrus.  the beaver is a customized 4" rooz, the walrus is a 3" dunny with it's head turned upside down, making the ears the tusks, and the oyster was fully hand sculpted. it was a very fun one to make so naturally i was excited and proud when this trio's new owner over in italy gave me an incredibly kind and positive response.

the carpenter.

the walrus.

the oyster. 

the carpenter and the walrus!

Monday, November 19, 2012

munny makers exhibit

upcoming munny show !
"munny makers"
December at Speakeasy Art Gallery is all about the "Munny". The Munnyworld forms are DIY vinyl figures from the Paul Budnitz company Kid Robot. The form has become something of an underground phenomenon, providing artist with a unique blank canvas to express their artistic style and imagination. On Friday, December 7th Speakeasy Art Gallery is pleased to present the exhibit "Munny Makers" featuring over twenty artists' interpretations of the Munny forms. This show promises to be exciting, accessible and fun to all viewers and collectors. 

Contributing artists include: 
C. Spleidt, Dan Fenelon, Jan Huling, Kasey Tararuj, Peter Johnson, Paul Jach, Kristy Brucale Jach, Franck de Las Mercedes, Jason Krieger, Jenny Cox, Mike Arin, Anthony Weirdeyeone, Alex Stojko, Phil Toscano, Rob Kemos, Michael Teters, Rob Barth and H.D. Rinehart. 

Speakeasy Art has always aimed to provide quality original art that is within the reach of anyone who are interested in it. So we are proud to launch our improved and restocked print rack this month. Here you will find handmade signed editions and original works from many of today's most innovative artists. These works will appeal to the budget of both the avid and casual collector.

Speakeasy Art
816 Main Street, Boonton NJ 07005
Thursday -Saturday 11-5pm and by appointment

Friday, November 9, 2012

1EG friday: octolady

new painting! 
i painted this for the ARTWORKS Red Dot Fundraiser:

artists are given 10"x10" stretched canvas to paint or create as they wish.  this is an opportunity to make high quality original art accessible to everyone, a chance for the novice to test the waters of the world of original art and an opportunity for the collector to build their art collection.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

halloween treats

thanks to hurricane sandy, halloween has been rescheduled for today.  i figure it's a good day to share my halloween treats this year.

i found a pictures of these bloody cupcakes online and did my best to make them myself.  store-bought candy knives and strawberry syrup blood

brownie graveyard, also found online. i was lazy so instead of making gravestone-shaped cookies, i just used melting candy wafers for the graves. 

peanut butter (eye)balls!  covered and decorated with melted candy wafers

ghost cupcakes i found in a halloween magazine. ghosts made from fondant. i didn't have a rolling pin and didn't follow the directions to make these properly. i winged it, worked well enough!

jackolantern and mummy cake pops. these were a nightmare to make. i've found cakepops to be frustratingly time consuming.  these were supposed to be fast and simple but for some reason i couldn't seem to get the candy wafers to melt properly. at least they still look halloweeny!