Friday, July 30, 2010

ultrasound artwork

my cousin came to me and told me how she has seen ultrasounds taken and turned into artwork. she asked if she could commission that as a present for a baby shower. i thought it would be a cool and unique idea to have the actual ultrasound printed on canvas and to paint on top of that, which i didn't know it that would work, but i did some mini tests (to be posted). fortunately everything worked perfectly.  she basically wanted just a pretty, pure, and classic border around the edges. it's a girl! but no pinks! i think the outcome is pretty neat and the ultrasound on the canvas looked awesome, even pre-paint. after doing this project, i have a million ideas of painting around photographs, something i've actually been wanting to do for a while. painting the border was fun, but there are endless possibilites of what i could and want to do with this concept. fun!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


here's another quick painting i did in the middle of one night while everyone else was (or should have been) sleeping.  this one was fun just gobbing on loads of paint without thought, and then dealing with defining lines later.

figured this is a "cute" post for today considering the whole anniversary thing.  3 years dating mr. tym, and we don't even fully hate each other yet.  wildwood for the night, so no post tomorrow. i'm going to wheelchair race the tram cars.. and win.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

jack the cat kritter

here's a recent KAOTIC KRITTER cat i did.  i think i like this particular one a lot both because of the colors i chose, and the size.  normally when i do pets, they are usually 8x10 or 11x14.  jack is painted on a 16"x20" piece of masonite, so it felt better to paint.. and to look at. jack's new owner's boyfriend described jack as "a scaredy cat! he's a love bug, he's like a little boy stuck in a cat's body."  a delightful surprise was my buyer sent me a picture of the two jack's together which is fun to see:

Monday, July 26, 2010


last week's posts were full of quick painting exercises i did a few years ago in college.  i really loved painting them as well as posting them, so i've been making an effort to make some new ones.  i know i've said this a million times and it gets repetitive, but i get bored and lose motivation sometimes when all the work that i do is for either specific shows or commissions.  sometimes i need to stick to a certain theme, and sometimes i have little to no say at all in what i get to produce. i try to spend all my free time on things that need to be done, so lately i've been doing some quick paintings, usually no earlier than 2am, since by then my brain is too fried to even start a new piece that actually needs to involve some kind of thought and effort. and i finish before the night is over.  it's very refreshing to just thoughtlessly and effortlessly throw on chunks of paint, make a serious mess (there are spots of paint all over my desk and wall.. oops.)  and make things that i think are pretty. i'm really stressed out lately for stupid, irrational, and rational reasons, and these exercises are more theraputic than i remembered. it's pretty fantastic. my plan is to keep these up once a week, at the very least

Friday, July 23, 2010

tym !

last and 7th painting of daily paintings. (one painting a day, for a week. generally they each had to do with what i saw/experienced that day)

 mr. tim! i want to paint more like this. not of tim.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


painting #6 of daily paintings. (one painting a day, for a week. generally they each had to do with what i saw/experienced that day)

 i can only assume at this point i was shopping for shoes to wear to a wedding or something.  i painted this because even though i hate high heels and think they are hideous (no offense, girls), i hate even more the fact that i cannot wear them.  i've tried plenty of times, but the way my feet lay on my foot plate on my glorious wheelchair, they will not stay up.  they flop over, they wobble.  and that painting above is basically what i look like in high heels. not very pretty or smooth. despite how ugly i think they are, i want to hear them, but only because i can't. pisses me off.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ziegfeld girl

painting #5 of daily paintings(one painting a day, for a week. generally they each had to do with what i saw/experienced that day)

i was forced into a gender class my senior year in college, where i experienced the agony of pretending to read crappy books about call girls, girls in gangs, and whatever other type of boring "girl" books that my dumb feminist professor was in love with. i'm not hating on gender feminist stuff, but i couldn't handle the wretched writing of these wretched writers. however! during this week of spring break i was supposed to read some book about ziegfeld girls, that couldn't keep my attention for more than 3 seconds, so i painted this instead. and i loves it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

face to face

painting #4 of daily paintings. (one painting a day, for a week. generally they each had to do with what i saw/experienced that day)

people have seen a bunch of different things in this, but it is just a close up of my pup's nose.

Monday, July 19, 2010

wind storm

painting #3 from daily exercise. (one painting a day, for a week. generally they each had to do with what i saw/experienced that day) 
this day was incredibly windy so i did a painting based on that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


the results are in! check out the munny munth contest winners here.
so after stalking the contest for 2 weeks straight, i woke up to a nice surprise this morning.  tim and i checked out the winners and were beyond excited that betso won the grand prize.  his customs are amazing and we loved his entry. super psyched to see/get his dunny design in the new series. after scrolling down we came to my snail garth under the "looks least like a munny" category! yeah!  judged by jeff staple, he said "The character and story line are really defined. You would never guess it started off as a MUNNY."  i'm proud of my garth, especially after the long exhausting hours slaving to finish him in time, so i'm happy to see him be noticed.
i hadn't even considered my armadillo mr grubtini to win anything, but to my surprise, amanda visell judged and chose him for the "best animal" category, one of several categories not previously advertised during the contest.  this is really exciting to me just because she's been my favorite artist since i started collecting vinyl toys, and probably was the reason i even started collecting.  amanda said "I loved loved this category! Everybody did such a great job. The armadillo kicks ass, so much detail the character pops through."  hell yeah!  i have a lot of respect and admiration for her, so it's pretty awesome to have her say that.

so winning two categories is fantastic, and i'm going to continue gloating until i annoy everyone.  weee!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


painting #2 from the daily exercise. one painting a day, for a week, in college 2007. generally they each had to do with what i saw/experienced that day.

i'm working on a million different projects right now so for now i'll just keep posting these

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Munny munth

munny contest winners are announced on 7/15.  if you haven't yet, don't forget to "like" my snail Garth, and tim roselle's blue Krampus (both on the first page, right next to each other)....AND mr grubtini (on this page).  voting ends tomorrow 7/14. we're not trying to win viewer's choice since that's impossible, we just want to beat each other... basically i'm telling you to vote for ours to be nice, but what i really mean is vote for my Garth, so i can beat tim :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

80's toy show

some pictures of the autumn society's 80's toy show at brave new worlds. went this weekend to check out my piece and timmy's piece.  it was pretty awesome, my favorite was a scultpure of inspector gadget, but unfortunately i didn't get a picture of that. the last picture with the gold frame is boytoy's ninja turtle piece, his first piece to sell! congrats mr. tim! next month is japanese pop culture show

Friday, July 9, 2010

protection !

i was sick all weekend and have nothing worthwhile to show at the moment, so here's a painting i did in college as part of a daily exercise over one spring break, where i did a painting a day for a week.  i spent way too much time on each one of them but i can't handle ones that take no time.  if makes any sense..

perhaps i'll post the rest of the 2007 daily paintings the next week or two.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

clowntastrophe! event

my circus punk at the clowntastrophe at delicious boutique! i went to the event opening, and the punks were awesome. and thank you to paul palcko, whose paintings at delicious sideshow were absolutely fantastic! there was a sweet accordian player and we stayed for the sideshow with a sword swallower, fire eater, etc, fun times.

update with some The Olde City Sideshow pictures my sister took:

Monday, July 5, 2010

the magical multicolored duo!

my piece for the atutumn society's 80's toy show. i love the idea of this show because it led to hours of me searching 80's toys online and reliving my childhood. made me giddy. but my love for rainbow brite conquers all so i painted her and starlite!  and last second decided to use (tastefully, i think) glitter on the stars, as i've been dying to ever since i finished my previous jessica rabbit and wizard of oz pieces..

ps-- happy birthday to me!

Friday, July 2, 2010

garth and banjo

garth the snail and banjo the frog! it took plenty of long, long hours of sculpting and painting, which wouldn't have been so bad but i wanted it done in time to enter in the munny munth contest.   the deadline was wednesday at midnight, and i had a deadline for the autumn society's 80's toy show, also due wednesday (which i didn't start until tuesday), so i didn't exactly sleep at all this week... but it's all done!  i was a barrel of giggles towards the end of finishing.. i get excited..

i don't have much to say about garth because it will just be a series of sentences declaring my love for him. but he's my pride and joy. i love that you can distinguish the shape of the munny from the side view, but it's not obvious or overbearing. i think he looks a million times better in person...

now please go "like" my garth entry on the munny month contest:
he's on the very first page, so he's easy to find :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

garth process!

the birth of garth! i cut off the ears of a munny, then attached the arms to the feet. and several all-nighters and sleep deprivation later, garth was born.
fun part about the shell: i sculpted it, decided i didn't like it, and sanded off the entire side until i fully covered in a nice thick sheet of white dust.  but above was the first attempt at a shell (swirling outwards), and below you can partially see the end result (swirling inwards).

the making of banjo the frog!
garth didn't stand properly and just rolled over so i attached a tiny mirror upside down so it would have something flat and sturdy to keep him from tumbling.
and here's one side of garth, fully attached, with tons and tons of weights in his shell.  his head was so ungodly heavy i had to weigh it down somehow so i just jammed lots of weights, bolts and hot glue into his shell.

and here's a sneak peak of the finished project:

finished product posted tomorrw..  now go find garth the green snail here and give him a "like" !! :)