Thursday, October 29, 2009

frankie's worst nightmare

frankie's worst nightmare
acrylic and spray paint
this is my 2009 halloween painting!! it is going to be shown in a 2-day halloween art show called Trick-Art-Treat!! tomorrow, friday, oct 30 (6-8 pm) to saturday, oct 31 (5-8 pm) at Brave New Worlds in Philly. the show is put on once again by the autumn society ( Halloween is my favorite so i am excited for it.
last year, i went to a wedding on halloween, and a group of us decided to go as the universal monsters, but all dressed formally for the special ocassion. so my halloween painting this year is of timmy and me in our costumes last year. i think the painting needs to be seen in person, you get a better feel for the colors.. the background is matte whereas the figures are more glossy so it has some cool contast to it.
this is our group picture:
love this flyer

Happy halloween!!


  1. I love the title: "Frankie's worst nightmare." Awesome!

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