Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween cupcakes!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! here are my halloween cupcakes this year. you can tell i had no time by the looks of these cupcakes.. store bought candies, toothpick zombies, and messy pumpkins. but they are festive and i love halloween! everyone go celebrate with a horror movie and trick or treaters!

so i obviously should have added some gravestones and brains.. but i had no time.  next time. i have plenty of zombie toothpicks left over to do so.

my rushing resulted in messy pumpkins, but they are pumpkin cupcakes (made by sister dl!) so i had to try to make them look like pumpkins.  design is from "hello, cupcake" book with some alterations (lack of materials).  i like to think these looked better in person.

i would have loved to make my own candies for these, but no time. again. these i just wanted to try out the color spray mist. definitely a fun addition to cupcakes that i'll have to experiment with in the future.

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