Tuesday, March 13, 2012

flying solo

last week, i officially booked a flight across the country...completely alone. my new years resolution this year is to look at and experience life in a new way. okay, so i'm lying and i don't actually make new years resolutions.. but at the very start of the new year, i made the decision to focus on and further my independence, as well as to force myself to be more spontaneous and willing to experience literally everything that comes my way. what better way to do both, than to fly, by myself, 3000 miles away. the reason i write this isn't to acknowledge my immense fear of flying and the several panic attacks i've neared flying even while comforted by the people i love at my side. i write this because i am absolutely clueless as to how i'm going to attempt this having physical limitations. oh, the fun of having a disability. how do i carry my bags? how do i get on and off the plane? what do i do if i have to pee mid-flight? when i get there... then what? 
basically, what it comes down to is, who's going to take care of me? that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it's pretty much been the story (and question) of my life. i'm beyond excited (and horrified) to tackle this little obstacle. it's kind of like a stepping stone to the greater independence i'm striving for. i think it will be empowering and exhilarating to realize i can start taking care of myself and do certain things that i previously thought (and feared) to be nearly impossible.

(to left: the airplane aisle chair to take me to my seat. who doesn't love to feel like a strapped in mental patient in an already awkward situation? i know i do!)

if any of my beloved disabled, wheelchair-bound readers have any experience flying alone, any suggestions, advice, or information would be greatly appreciated. i'll be sure to update with my brave, solo flying adventure stories in april (assuming i don't die, end up in china, or chicken out), and hopefully i can help or inform others who want to or plan to fly as well.
and if you're wondering where the spontaneity fits in, well that's the reason i'm going on this trip. but that's a whole other story.


  1. I'm not in a wheelchair, but have travelled on crutches many times. Every airport I have been in has wheelchair service and will help getting you where you need to go. Sometimes it will be a wheelchair, other times it will be a golf cart.

    Pack light so you can either keep your luggage on your lap or hang on the back of your wheelchair. If you are staying in hotels let them know ahead of time. You'll find it's easier than you think.


  2. haha i hope it is as easy as you say! thanks!

  3. Good luck, solo trips are nerve wracking enough without the added concerns you have, so, I'm quite impressed!