Wednesday, August 1, 2012

wiener dog cupcakes

 i was commissioned to make these cupcakes for a coworker recently. wiener dog cupcakes! she gave me a photo to copy from, so sadly i can't take credit for the design.  this was my first attempt with fondant, and i had literally no idea what i was doing. i just kind of winged it and i think it came out cute. maybe i'll try more fondant in the future, but i prefer the taste and look of some good ol' messy icing. 


  1. That is amazing! What is the head & tail made of?

  2. fondant! the head is 2 cupcakes covered in fondant. the feet and tail are both fondant

  3. How much fondant did you need? How did you make the nose and eyes?

    1. i used icing for the nose and eyes. as for the amount of fondant, i honestly have no idea. it was my first time using it, so i just bought a box of pre-made fondant and used as much as i needed!

  4. This is one of the cutest ones I have seen!! GOOD JOB

  5. How did you know how big to make the face and the feet?