Thursday, October 18, 2012

artwork for sale!

(old one from '06! early college years)

for years i've been wanting to get a stronger flow of artwork going, to spend all of my art-making time on practicing and developing my own work, styles, and characters.  i'm going to do this now by stopping all commissions that aren't specific to my work for the time being. i'm happy to do commissions of customs, 1EG's, etc. but all those pets, portraits, and pez you crave will be no more!  it takes up too much time that i need to be focusing on bigger and better things. 

that being said, it is also clean up time. i have a ton of past work that sits in a dark lonely closet.  it just needs a good home. one where it will be loved and nurtured. it breaks my heart to have it waste away in storage.  i'll sell it for cheap!  for now, here's a quick gallery i made of some available pieces i have (some of which dates back as far as 2004!):
please ask for prices and dimensions, as i have not had the time to post that info for each piece yet.

buy one! buy some! buy it all! 

i find myself incredibly inspired by so so many amazing artists out there.  it honestly really makes me want to create all the crazy things and ideas i have in my head. my walls at home art covered in art. others' and my own. i love to be consumed by it. it seems like every day i find a new must-have piece. so help me surround myself in endless inspiration by purchasing your own piece from me today! we all need more art on our walls and in our lives!

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