Monday, November 5, 2012

halloween treats

thanks to hurricane sandy, halloween has been rescheduled for today.  i figure it's a good day to share my halloween treats this year.

i found a pictures of these bloody cupcakes online and did my best to make them myself.  store-bought candy knives and strawberry syrup blood

brownie graveyard, also found online. i was lazy so instead of making gravestone-shaped cookies, i just used melting candy wafers for the graves. 

peanut butter (eye)balls!  covered and decorated with melted candy wafers

ghost cupcakes i found in a halloween magazine. ghosts made from fondant. i didn't have a rolling pin and didn't follow the directions to make these properly. i winged it, worked well enough!

jackolantern and mummy cake pops. these were a nightmare to make. i've found cakepops to be frustratingly time consuming.  these were supposed to be fast and simple but for some reason i couldn't seem to get the candy wafers to melt properly. at least they still look halloweeny!

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