Thursday, March 14, 2013


Meet Cornelius!  I'm delighted to introduce you to my little unicorn friend.  I've been wanting to make one of these head things for years and never had a reason to, so as all my favorite ideas do, it kept getting pushed back.  I wanted to make my loverboy a unicorn as a gift (he loves unicorns.... i don't know...) but he needed some stuff to hang on his bare naked walls (i hate naked walls).  So luckily my brilliant buddy Bill Hewitt suggested making the head to hang on the wall.  Isn't he smart?

I used a 7" Kidrobot Raffy's head, sculpted the rest, and bolted to a piece of wood.  This was definitely a practice run, but i have a better idea of how to make more of these in the future now.  I want to make so many more.. One of these days!

Now Cornelius hangs over Cory's bed and watches him as he sleeps... and sends magical dreams of butterflies and rainbows his way.

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