Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rattley Stanley: Snake Oil Salesman

Meet Rattley Stanley, the traveling snake oil salesman!  Rattley is easily my new favorite custom and i can't help but adore him.  He is a custom Kidrobot Rooz, which I've been wanting to use to make a snake for years and finally moved forward with the idea.  Rattley is especially special because i got a real rattlesnake tail as unique addition.  It even kind of rattles, which is fun.  I was concerned with how i was going to blend the real take with my less realistic sculpting, but i think it turned out well and i love the look of it.  I really love creating little kritters and over the past few years decided to start adding real animal parts to add a little extra fun.  You'll be seeing lots more of that in upcoming customs!

After i told my talented and creative friend Bill that my Rattley was going to be a business man, he suggested making him a snake oil salesman.  Stupid little me didn't know what snake oil was, so i looked it up and read all about the product and Clark Stanley who originally produced snake oil.  Genius idea for my rattlesnake!  

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