Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sip of Nectar

"Sip of Nectar"
One of my latest experiments!  I've been wanting to do 3D paintings for so long, this was my first try sculpting a 1EG on a 2D surface.  The hummingbird was only painted by me.  I'm in love with the look of my girls in this style and i am really eager to make more.  I imagine more practice with these will lead to great things!

She is still for sale and on display at Trenton Social for the month of November as part of my show "Lemonade Stand"


  1. Wonderful job, Kasey! I actually think this is my favorite of all the pieces you've produced (that I've seen, of course) -- and that's saying something. Anyway, awesome work (as always) and keep it up :)