Friday, August 1, 2014

Upcoming Shows

Trying to catch up on my updates! 

Here are two upcoming shows i'm thrilled to be a part of, two of which are curated by the talented Chogrin

First is 8 Bit and Beyond 2 at Bottleneck Gallery opening in a little over a week.  Happy to be in this, seeing as one of the first shows i was a part of with Chogrin (and The Autumn Society!) was the 8 Bit and Beyond back in 2009.  Check out my piece from back then here :) 

And second comes a new show featuring the good old classic Popeye! 

Lastly, i'll be a part of POPzilla's BURTON show!  As a huge Tim Burton fan, and tremendously influenced by him and his work, i am thrilled for this.  Really looking forward to making some fun pieces for this one.

Keep a look out for my pieces for these shows in the coming weeks !

Also there's a few more shows i'll be participating in, which i'll be announcing shortly

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