Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Meet Robbity!

I am very excited to introduce you all to this handsome little devil, standing approx 3" tall.  I sculpted him after i came back from an All You Can Eat Buffet of delicious sushi and i was as full as could be, so he looks pretty much the way i felt that day.  

My goal for my art is to stray away from custom toys and create my own fully original sculpts.  This guy is just the beginning.  I am also looking into doing some original sculpts to cast in Resin for small editions at more affordable prices for collectors.  I'm very excited about these new changes, despite how incredibly intimidating it is!  I created this guy as my very first experiment with Monster Clay (which i will need to do the resin casts).  I decided not to use him for a resin, but i couldn't just destroy his cute chubby belly and bubble butt for no one to enjoy ever again.  So i resculpted him with Magic Sculpt, as a one-off.  Below you'll see a photo of the two sculpts (Monster Clay and Magic Sculpt) side by side. 

Very excited to work on my sculpting skills and see where this new direction in my work takes me.

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