Wednesday, September 9, 2009


saturday was my boyfriend tim's 26th birthday. we celebrated by spending the weekend up in boston.... where tim forgot my bag with all of my belongings. it wasn't until we were waiting out front of a friend's apartment..after, of course, a six hour car ride.. that he realized he didn't load my bag in the car. i was incredibly pissed at first, but it made for a great ongoing joke for the weekend.

here is one of my birthday presents i made for him. a mini statue of tim! he loves frisbee and that's the outfit he wears pretty much every day, down to the exact vans shoes. the pictures don't show so well, but i also painted on his tattoos on his arm/leg as well as the rings on his fingers and industrial earring in his ear.

it's based off a little version of him i've drawn several times that he likes. it's made from wire, apoxie sculpt, acrylic paint, and a concrete base. enjoy!

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