Thursday, April 22, 2010

tim burton at the MoMA

so apparently several people thought my choice of words for yesterday's contest was confusing. i didn't think it was, but my apologies!! i'll make it better for next week's free drawing(TUESDAY!)

took this picture months ago before the exhibit was running so it's nice and empty!

i finally got to the MoMA on saturday to see the tim burton exhibit. words cannot explain how much i loved it (although the number of people there practically ruined it for me.) as an artist, i should love going to museums and seeing lots of art, but i kind of hate it. i get bored and tired, but mostly angry. the amount of anger i get towards certain art is irrational, but i'll get into that another day. i do enjoy visiting smaller galleries with artists i actually like, such as greg simkins and damon soule, who i saw at joshua liner gallery. amazing shows.

but tim burton! wow. he's phenomenal. he has everything i love about art (and life!) twisted, but witty humor and creepy borderline-scary imagery. his scenes, his characters. they're unique and experimental. i noticed and then my boyfriend mentioned it shortly after, that some of his drawings are kinda nothing special, but as a whole with 10-20-30 drawings all stacked on each other or in a row, it becomes infinitely more awesome. i know tim burton mostly from his movies, so just seeing such a large quantity of his work in one small area was amazing. you can never really feel someone's style significantly until you see it all as a whole. not only was i amazed by seeing so much of his legit artwork for the first time, there was also sketches, [props, scribbles of thoughts from his big time movies. favorites, of course, being mars attacks and beetlejuice! it was just really fun to see these already familiar characters scribbled on paper by the person responsible for their existence, in a style i've never seen them in before.

don't tell salvador dali that tim burton might have stolen my heart on this one. the dali museum in st. petersburg, fl, was absolutely amazing and he is my favorite artist of all time.. buuut... i'm torn. torn between two loves.

if it wasn't the last weekend and already sold out and people didn't use my wheelchair for a stepping stool, i'd want to go back, real bad. i hope you all got the chance to see it!

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