Monday, April 19, 2010


my octopus mural was on the outside wall of holman hall, the old art building at tcnj. the new art building is finally up and running and a few months ago, my old tcnj professor asked if they could move it to the new building. i was pretty damn excited because i didn't want it to just be forgotten and i wanted people to keep seeing it. i put so much time, energy, money, and passion into that thing. when i came home from california i had a nice email waiting for me from my professor telling me they went to go get my mural and it was gone, and asked if i had taken it down. i didn't. so someone apparently stole my 7 foot tall, 14 foot wide mural....? i'm kind of heartbroken. she said it wasn't cut down (it was painted on a huge sheet of tyvek), but it was carefully taken down because the bolts were unscrewed. so i hate you, whoever you are who took it down. i hope they find it because i'm ungodly pissed and upset about it.

i painted it in about a week's time. long, loong days. my parents and friends helped out a lot when i first started- setting up the tyvek, projecting, outlining, and filling in solid colors. and then i spent the next million hours shading, half of which i painted upside down:

i remember getting five guys, where my dad tried to order cheesesteaks. got lots of delicious milkshakes. tim and i brought my little tv so we could watch lilo and stitch, arrested development and eat craploads of chips and dip. really fun times from what i remember and i ended up really satisfied with it in the end. i loved it. so much time and work to paint, including basically the entire semester of prepwork.

i had to make a blog devoted to my mural, so if you're interested in the entire process, check it out

i know there's basically no chance of this post helping find it but now go begin your investigation and find my damn mural!!


  1. ask TCNJ to post it to the HotLine...

  2. they are putting an article in the signal. don't know what the hotline is but i'll look into it..

  3. they HAVE to have security cameras looking over quimby's prairie. otherwise i seriously question any safety on that campus...

    call campus police and find out about videos. if someone took it down, they had to spend a lot of time doing it, and walking away with it. they'll have it on tape!!