Wednesday, November 2, 2011

golden pig

here is the finished GOLDEN PIG trophy i made for the flame-off glass blowing competition. see the completed competing pieces and vote for the winner here. i had no doubt i could make an awesome greedy pig, complete with pure gold accessories and golden highlights. i got together with glass blower jason harris at hotsand to create the base. not actually knowing anything about glass blowing or what could be done with the medium, i was caught offguard when i was asked to design the base.  the outcome was pretty, but not quite what i envisioned, so i got a little worried when i had to turn it into a trophy. i almost didn't even use it, but i'm glad i did (with some extra additions) since i was a part of it's creation and i think it means more as a trophy for a glass blowing competition. i hope and i think i worked it out well and had a great outcome.

(it looks better in person. but i guess, doesn't it always?)

some photos of our glassblowing session at hot sand with jason harris.  brainstorming:

the original platform of the pig, before i got my hands on it:

about to start blowing some glass:

photo of the trophy at the actual event, with some awesome glass blowing going on.

thanks again to jason harris and lava rubber!

next up will be photos of the event's afterparty, where i did a live painting battle against 2 other very talented artists! and won :)

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