Friday, November 4, 2011

happy halloween !

a few days late, but i guess this has to be the last (of too few) halloween posts for this year.  i'm sad to see halloween go once again. i almost forgot about this drawing, but absolutely felt the need to post it.  last year, i made a drawing for each month of the year illustrating my family for each season. this was my brilliant october/halloween illustration. and it's awesome.

i've really been slacking off on some significant posts about disabilities. i really feel as though i have a lot to share and inform lately, but instead, here's my wheelchair costume this year. excuse the goof face. the flintstones car has been done plenty of times before, but i had planned to make it more exciting by adding fred's giant ribs to the side. unfortunately, not only did i not have the time to finish the car, i didn't even get to start the ribs.  but it was fun nonetheless, and seeing how ridiculous tim looked in my homemade dino costume made it worth it as well.

how to:
the car is made of cardboard, paint, and some ginormous tube from home depot. the roof of dowels with torn fabric glued to it. fred: oversized orange shirt with painted black triangles. torn apart blue fabric glued together for tie.  dino: matching pink/purple pants, shirt, and sweatshirt (for extra fabric only).  sweatshirt sleeve torn off and filled with stuffing and pinned to pants for tail. black spots painted on sides and back of shirt. for collar:  blue fabric with painted yellow tag.  for head: white foam sheets spray painted skintone and glued to visor in shape of 3D snout, with pink foam tongue hanging down.  styrofoam ovals with black paper for eyes surrounded with fabric from sweatshirt, draping down the back and sides to velcro under chin for hood-like piece. three black paper "hairs" glued to top of head.

 if anyone ever wants to give it a shot, feel free to email me with any questions, because that was the worst explanation ever.

so a bit of a disappointment this year, but i'll get back on track next year. make sure you check out my costumes of halloween past.  though nothing will ever beat my amazing peewee and chairy costume from a few years ago.  which i happily won runner up (and some goodies) for in the strange kids club halloween homemade costume contest this year. thanks to SKC, you rock.
(the runner ups)

i hope everyone enjoyed their halloweens. show off your homemade costumes!

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