Tuesday, January 3, 2012


happy, happy new year! i hope everyone had a lovely new years.  i ended my year and started the new by watching lots of 60's romantic comedies. i also have a newfound love for elvis presley and i am open for any great classic movie suggestions. please. my new obsession has brought me to some fun art ideas, which i'll have to work on in the hopefully near, near future!
this is another custom i did for the holiday season. this is blizzy, the hippo-dino-thing? he loves to play in the snow, but unfortunately for the snow, he also likes to eat it. poor snowflake.

i made blizzy using kidrobot's kracka figure, but i turned the head backwards and worked with it that way. i thought it was a better shape for a wide mouthed kritter.

poor little snowflake. think about him the next time you feel like catching those little tiny delicate snowflakes and melting them on your tongue.

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