Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas cheer

before the spirit of christmas fully fades, here's one last christmasy post for the year. a few months ago, my mom and i took a two-day glass blowing class. a new form of art i have always wanted to try.  i did experience some glass blowing while making the golden pig trophy, but that method was a bit to much and seemingly physically impossible for me to do on my own. this class we took was much easier and really fun... despite the horrible lack of skill for glass blowing i realized i have. we made ornaments.
 it's very simple, but don't quote me or takes notes because i'm not giving very accurate or informative directions here. you start off with a clear tube with a long bubble on the end (as seen in the photo above.) pour in one or several colors. spin it around over a torch flame until the colors start to glow. blow into the end of the pipe. and repeat! if you're like me, you'll blow the worst shapes of all time. or you'll leave it in the flame too long and break them. after you blow the glass and it cools, you'll cut off the long tube and have a beautiful ornament! or in my case, just an ornament.

there are 2 of my ornaments. i tried to hide them well in my childish mess of a christmas tree. i'll have to try again in the future, it really was fun to experiment with. unlike me, some people in the class really came out with some gorgeous ornaments. i reccomend it to anyone, artistic or not, who wants to try something new and fun.

secondly.  i took 2 seconds out of my busy schedule to make cheesy custom ornaments this year. i "customized" (if you could call it that) a kidrobot dunny to be a sparkly little piece for our tree. i wanted to create something really unique and special, realized i had literally no time, resulting in this glittery little mess.

third and finally! my christmas cupcakes this year. melted different colored candy, and while they're still liquid hot, sprinkle some sprinkleys on them. add green icing and you have christmas lights.

hope everyone had a merry christmas, happy holidays.
and have a happy new year!

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