Tuesday, February 28, 2012

rise up gallery art exhibition

it just occurred to me that i never posted photos from the rise up gallery art exhibition back in december! the show was up december-january and it was a great show. i loved the space it was in and the opening reception was a fantastic turnout. my work on the walls accompanied by david mccauley (founder of rise up), jay liesener, isabell villacis, laurie kammer, and kenneth martin! the best part about the show, other than the awesome art of course, was chatting up with david, some of the other artists, and a ton of people who came out for the show.

"Rise Up Gallery is a collection of artwork created by artists with disabilities. Proceeds go toward Quality of Life Grants for individuals living with paralysis, Research Grants to Medical Institutions searching for a Cure to Paralysis, and an Adaptive Community Art Space"

for a better look at my pieces from this show, click here.

more photos after the jump!

mi familia!

i don't know why i look like i'm awkwardly fake-posing, but i was legitimately talking.

my posse

ok we look completely bored of each other, but it's the only photo i have with the wonderful and talented david mccauley, and i swear we were having a lovely friendly conversation! huge thanks to david for putting together an awesome show and having me a part of rise up gallery!

i always wanted to start a wheelchair gang.

with artist isabell villacis

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