Friday, February 3, 2012


meet zeeke! this one goes out to all you fan boys and girls out there. zeeke is the awesomest fanboy donkey you'll ever meet. zeeke is a customized munny that i made for my geek sister recently.  see if you can pick out and recognize all the awesome references in this little geek.  i tried to tastefully squeeze in as many as possible in the short amount of time i had.  he's pretty fantastic.

okay, if you haven't been able to pick them all out yet, there's..... ghostbusters (hat), lord of the rings (foot tattoo and book), star wars (light saber and tattoo), comic con (pass and poster tube), super mario (mushroom patch), simpsons (t-shirt), harry potter (scar, glasses, and book), x-men (comic book), and the hobbit (book). and yet, there should have been so much more geekiness.

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