Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Meet Quillbert!

Quillbert is a Custom Foomi Head, with real porcupine quills!  Quillbert is easily the most challenging piece I have created so far.  I'm ashamed at the amount of profanity that left my mouth while sticking those relentless little quills in his back.  They are thin and tiny but WOW do they hurt!  Once he was fully sculpted, quills and all, the second challenge was to paint him... while keeping the quills unpainted.  A long and painful process but it had to be done!  I'm very happy with the outcome, I like to think my blood and tears were worth it :)

Quillbert is currently on display and for sale at Clutter Gallery's "Curious Beasts" show until the end of the month.  He can be purchased here:

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