Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BAC Girls

One of my newest series!  Blend Bar & Bistro in Hamilton, NJ invited me to display my art for 2 months in their awesome space.  I started this series specifically for the occasion and just loved painting them.  Had fun with the ideas and look forward to creating new BAC girls to continue the series.  They will be on display until June 28th in the bar, hopefully with some new ones before my time's up.  The middle wine girl "Victoria Vineyard" is already sold, but the two other lovely ladies are still up for sale. 

The opening party at Blend was April 30, and tons of family and friends came out to support despite the monsoon (not exaggerating!) outside.  Literally puddles/lakes up to your ankles outside!  I'm so touched by all those who came by (and those who wanted to but couldn't).  You all mean the world to me and i can't express how grateful i am to be surrounded by so many supportive people in my life :)  There will be a closing party on June 28th, hope to see you there!

"Marlena Martini"

"Victoria Vineyard"

"Tabitha Tap"

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