Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recent Art Shows

Just wanted to share some photos from the most recent shows i've participated in.  I wish i could have attended all of them, but get to the ones i can!  I'm really excited and proud to be a part of each one, so i love to document and share the shows.

First was the Vinyl Thoughts "Unmasked: Secret Identity and Hidden Desires" show at Bottleneck Gallery.  Of course i was in love with the show, seeing as i'm a big vinyl toy collector and just love and respect the art of it.  As mentioned before, it was really great to meet Shelby at Vinyl Thoughts, who was an incredibly nice man i hope to work with in the future.  Also great to meet Joe from Bottleneck after being in several shows at the gallery. Can't wait for more :) 
See more photos here

Sold :) 

A few weeks ago the Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show opened at Hero Complex Gallery in LA. Huge crowd with artwork and appearance by the man himself, Mike Mignola.  Would have been an exciting and memorable experience to be there in person, but i'm so thrilled to have been a part of it.  Thanks so much (and Congrats!) to Chogrin who put together this amazing show and also Hero Complex Gallery.  Borrowed these photos from Hero Complex Gallery - Photos by Sabrina Noel Hill)  See the rest of the photos here

My Hellboy and Abe piece sold :) 

One-Eyed Hellgirl (top middle) still available for purchase here.

Now here is a show i would have LOVED to be at!  The POPcade show at POPzilla Gallery.  The show was at Rothick Art Haus in Annaheim, CA.  All video game themed and i love every bit of it.  Especially the purple carpet entrance with some old school arcade games.  I absolutely love video games and all of the artwork is too fun.  So excited to have been a part of this and Huge thanks to Popzilla gallery and Sam Carter for the invite.  Amazing! 
Not sure who photographed all this, but i borrowed off Popzilla Gallery's facebook-- see all the photos here.

Bowsy is still for sale here.

Piranha Pipe Invasion is still for sale here.

Really neat part of the show was the Video Game Vixens!  Artists were invited to do a pin up of one video game gal on 11"x14"x1.5" canvas to all be displayed together.  Love the idea.  My Mad Moxxie is on the bottom row (and still for sale here)

Thanks everyone for the continued support :) 

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