Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Enabled" Exhibit - Wind up

"Wind up" (you can't tell so much from the picture, but parts are layered to give it a bit of a 3-dimensional look) 10"x 14"

this is 3 of 4 pieces that will be shown in the "Enabled" Exhibit from February 19 - March 12, 2010. "Enabled" is an exhibit of art created by artists with disabilities, at the Arts Guild of Rahway in Rahway, NJ.
along with being a new piece of art, i designed this as well for a tattoo; a back piece that i plan on getting on or around my 10th year anniversary of meeting my lovely little handicap (september 1010). we'll see what kind of alterations i make to, if any, in the next 7-8 months.. it'll be a constant work in progress until the day i get it

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