Thursday, February 25, 2010

Princess of Flavored Bubbles and Lady of the Light Spectrum

this is my submission to Autumn Society "Adventure Time" Art book in tribute to the show. Adventure Time is an animated series on Cartoon Network, starting in March i believe. i didn't think we were supposed to post them until the book came out, but everyone else is... so i did too. see more submissions here. i drew them and pasted them on spray painted masonite, but in layers so it is 3 dimensional. it is fun and reminds me of a pop up book. kind of.

Cartoon Network has granted The Autumn Society a gallery show for march their gallery space inside the studio, along with artwork from the show. My piece will be one of many featured in the show, over in California. Fun!

i haven't seen toooo much from the show yet, but i found this clip that made me laugh hysterically... so please watch it and laugh with me. feel free to watch all of it, but i'm talking about 1:10 until 1:40. hilarious...

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