Friday, February 26, 2010

website clean up!

"Nutterwart", 4"x6" 2010

i recently finished a monstrous clean up of my website . i've been wanting to for a long time. there was soo much old, old work that even i didn't ever want to look at. work that didn't reflect me or my artwork. so i went through everything, removed, rearranged.
here's what you need to know:

  • in the "drawing" and "painting" sections, i kept only what i felt represented me best as an artist. the leftovers were either permanently deleted, or placed in the "sketchbook" section.

  • my "sketchbook" is now full of work i either really love, or just really want to keep being seen by others.

  • most importantly, my "Misc" section is devoted entirely to my One-Eyed Girls! instead of seeing them scattered around my site, i have them all, in every media, on one page.
i'm still planning on getting a brand new website with easier and faster navigation, but until then, i think this is much more efficient for what i want to show. :)

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