Wednesday, April 4, 2012

lonesome sky and city

i mentioned a few weeks ago that i will be flying across the country fully and completely alone. (see that post here.) today is that day. not only will i be facing my fears of flying alone (...with a disability that i know will only create more stress), but once i get to my destination, i plan to explore a very unfamiliar city by myself as well. not just any city, but the hilliest city of them all. san francisco! my nemesis! a lost, confused, physically impaired little chick in a wheelchair ready to tackle some mean hills and streets? i might have lost my mind. like i said, this trip is going to be incredibly empowering and i know i'm going to come out of it a stronger, more confident person. either that, or i'll lose control, roll into the street and get hit by a trolley. 

i know i'll be in your thoughts, and i appreciate your hopes and dreams that i don't end up under a trolley or lost and in search for my stolen wheelchair. however, i'd much rather have your prayers that i don't have to pee mid-flight on the plane, because i have no idea how i'm going to pull that one off.

it's been difficult to find any information about this specific situation flying. i hope i come out of this with a good experience and some kind of knowledge so that i can share it with other future disabled solo flyers!

i'm off to see my favorite person ever 3,000 miles away. see you in a week !

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