Monday, July 30, 2012

home construction!

i'm sad to say i still have not worked on any art. it has been FAR too long, which is a shame. but most importantly, i closed on my condo and i am now all moved in.  i'm not homeless and more and i'm officially a homeowner!  it has been nothing but long days of construction and decorating, mostly my parents doing all the work while i point and direct uselessly. it's almost finished and i'll have the month of august to work my ass off night and day, making lots of new artwork before returning to work in september.  

here is my brand new kitchen, in progress! my 50's diner kitchen. literally the greatest kitchen of all time. this is the nonsense that happens when i'm allowed to make grown up decisions and decorate myself.  just wait until you see my bright, hot pink 80's bathroom.. 

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