Monday, July 9, 2012

TWSA: wildwood 2012

this year's Life Rolls On: THEY WILL SURF AGAIN event in wildwood, nj was the windiest of windy days. but it was amazing. as you can see the the high volume of volunteers is touching. 

this is my 3rd TWSA event and having the opportunity to enjoy myself in that dark, creepy ocean makes me happier than anything.  i can't explain enough how deeply affected i am each time i've participated by this event and everyone who's a part of it. 

 the waves this time were a little rough.  my rides weren't as great this time, but the big, rough waves definitely made it a fun experience. 

he is apparently STOKED that i am holding on for dear life not to get swept away into the deep blue, while the other chick has nothing but pure concern for the both of our safety.

 "dumb face excited, weee"

this one is my personal faorite. the helpless hand reaching out for help. oh god why won't someone help me?! 

honestly my favorite part might be falling off my board and bobbing in the water waiting for someone to frantically throw me back on in a slight panic. i just want to tell them, "heeey. it's cool.. i'm alright" in some super cliche surfer dude voice.

i'm a princess. an excited princess. go team green! you made my memorable and exciting day possible. it's all these guys and gals who gave me the opportunity to experience something amazing that i, at one point, never imagined possible.  there are tons of people out there who still have no knowledge of this whole deal (i know this because i talk to them all the time).  life rolls on changes lives! 

the surfer with her board! awww yeah.

sister! surfer and volunteer. hopefully in august the two of us will be in virgina beach bringing this dream of mine to life a 4th time! 


  1. are you surfing on The Island and is that Sawyer carrying you out in that one picture?!

  2. Hahah Bill! i told that kid he looked just like sawyer and he didnt know what I was talking about. He looked and talked just like him!

  3. hahaha wow it does look like him!