Monday, March 1, 2010


this past christmas, i gave "killer potato" to my dad. if you know my dad, you'd know he's pretty much the epitome of a couch potato. so i made this, in hopes that he didn't die a little inside for my recognition that he's killed every hobby he has ever had. but it's funny!! or i'm a jerk. either way, i'm happy.

i'm posting this because i wanted to post a KAOTIC KRITTER because i am currently customizing a MUNNYWORLD figure (Bub) for Kidrobot's ROYGBIV Munnyworld Highlight Contest . it'd be very neat to win, but i'm really just using the contest as an excuse to customize a figure and put aside other work i don't want to do.

my mini bub figure is the first KAOTIC KRITTER design done in 3D. i'm pretty excited about it. it's just flat out fun to design and sculpt this type of style, and i'm already thinking about how badly i want to do another one. my bub is almost done, just a few more details and finishing touches, and it will be posted later this week

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