Friday, July 2, 2010

garth and banjo

garth the snail and banjo the frog! it took plenty of long, long hours of sculpting and painting, which wouldn't have been so bad but i wanted it done in time to enter in the munny munth contest.   the deadline was wednesday at midnight, and i had a deadline for the autumn society's 80's toy show, also due wednesday (which i didn't start until tuesday), so i didn't exactly sleep at all this week... but it's all done!  i was a barrel of giggles towards the end of finishing.. i get excited..

i don't have much to say about garth because it will just be a series of sentences declaring my love for him. but he's my pride and joy. i love that you can distinguish the shape of the munny from the side view, but it's not obvious or overbearing. i think he looks a million times better in person...

now please go "like" my garth entry on the munny month contest:
he's on the very first page, so he's easy to find :)

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