Thursday, July 1, 2010

garth process!

the birth of garth! i cut off the ears of a munny, then attached the arms to the feet. and several all-nighters and sleep deprivation later, garth was born.
fun part about the shell: i sculpted it, decided i didn't like it, and sanded off the entire side until i fully covered in a nice thick sheet of white dust.  but above was the first attempt at a shell (swirling outwards), and below you can partially see the end result (swirling inwards).

the making of banjo the frog!
garth didn't stand properly and just rolled over so i attached a tiny mirror upside down so it would have something flat and sturdy to keep him from tumbling.
and here's one side of garth, fully attached, with tons and tons of weights in his shell.  his head was so ungodly heavy i had to weigh it down somehow so i just jammed lots of weights, bolts and hot glue into his shell.

and here's a sneak peak of the finished project:

finished product posted tomorrw..  now go find garth the green snail here and give him a "like" !! :)

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