Monday, July 26, 2010


last week's posts were full of quick painting exercises i did a few years ago in college.  i really loved painting them as well as posting them, so i've been making an effort to make some new ones.  i know i've said this a million times and it gets repetitive, but i get bored and lose motivation sometimes when all the work that i do is for either specific shows or commissions.  sometimes i need to stick to a certain theme, and sometimes i have little to no say at all in what i get to produce. i try to spend all my free time on things that need to be done, so lately i've been doing some quick paintings, usually no earlier than 2am, since by then my brain is too fried to even start a new piece that actually needs to involve some kind of thought and effort. and i finish before the night is over.  it's very refreshing to just thoughtlessly and effortlessly throw on chunks of paint, make a serious mess (there are spots of paint all over my desk and wall.. oops.)  and make things that i think are pretty. i'm really stressed out lately for stupid, irrational, and rational reasons, and these exercises are more theraputic than i remembered. it's pretty fantastic. my plan is to keep these up once a week, at the very least

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