Thursday, July 15, 2010


the results are in! check out the munny munth contest winners here.
so after stalking the contest for 2 weeks straight, i woke up to a nice surprise this morning.  tim and i checked out the winners and were beyond excited that betso won the grand prize.  his customs are amazing and we loved his entry. super psyched to see/get his dunny design in the new series. after scrolling down we came to my snail garth under the "looks least like a munny" category! yeah!  judged by jeff staple, he said "The character and story line are really defined. You would never guess it started off as a MUNNY."  i'm proud of my garth, especially after the long exhausting hours slaving to finish him in time, so i'm happy to see him be noticed.
i hadn't even considered my armadillo mr grubtini to win anything, but to my surprise, amanda visell judged and chose him for the "best animal" category, one of several categories not previously advertised during the contest.  this is really exciting to me just because she's been my favorite artist since i started collecting vinyl toys, and probably was the reason i even started collecting.  amanda said "I loved loved this category! Everybody did such a great job. The armadillo kicks ass, so much detail the character pops through."  hell yeah!  i have a lot of respect and admiration for her, so it's pretty awesome to have her say that.

so winning two categories is fantastic, and i'm going to continue gloating until i annoy everyone.  weee!


  1. congratulation Kasey, they were both great.

  2. thank you anonymous stranger!