Monday, November 29, 2010


happy birthday mama! her birthday was technically a week and a half ago... but as many of you know, my mom's love for our dog is far larger than one's love for a dog should be. not really, but she is obsessed. i've made her several chloe drawings/paintings, and since i feel it is a safe assumption that she can't get enough of chloe artwork, i made her her very own chloe kaotic kritter customized vinyl toy! after winning the munny munth contest for two categories (yay! that's excitement, not bragging) i've had lots of kidrobot mini DIY toys lying around and used this as an opportunity to start (and actually finish) one.

i took the body of a raffy and the head of a rooz and made a puppy (you can see the original figure shapes here) by adding clay for her fur, face, sweater, collar, ears, and tail. very simple stuff that i spent two long nights on each night after my mom went to bed before her birthday. 

pre-paint photos:

i felt bad that we weren't celebrating her birthday until the day after so i made her a cake and used the chloe figure as a cake topper to surprise her on her actual birthday. it was amusing

chloe does love the turkey

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  1. this came out amazing. your 3-d work is always outstanding