Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving! for today's special holiday this year, my sister made some pumpkin cupcakes and cream cheese icing and i spent last night decorating them like little turkeys. i'll try to update later with better photos of my little gobblers. the first few i decorated were wretched, but by the end (meaning the last 2 or 3..) i started to figure out a good pattern.  i made the back feathers first, and added the faces last. my original plan was to use brown (or chocolate) icing for the turkey faces (which i predict would have gone horribly wrong), but my brilliant aunt sharon was over last night, who suggested to use hershey kisses. 
luckily my mom had some chocolate chips stored away, which was the next best thing, so i made little faces with icing and stuck them on the feathers. i copy most of my cake ideas from what i find on the internet, one of these days i want to take a cake decorating class so i could maybe learn some real techniques. that way i could come up with my own decorating ideas instead of winging it every time.  enjoy and cherish this delicious day and let the face stuffing begin.