Friday, November 19, 2010

murder mystery!

recently i was asked by a fellow nottingham high school graduate, mike steele, to borrow some of my artwork for his murder mystery play at our good ol' high school. the play was called "a murderous night at the museum" so of course they needed artwork for their museum. the best part was that it was supposed to be a "bad" museum from what i was told.  joke's on you cause my "bad" artwork all sold. take that!

i was pretty psyched they asked to show my work in their play. i didn't get the chance to see the play, but it seemed to have gone well. the students bought all the prints of my kritters that were borrowed, some fought over the giraffe print, and there's even some interest in commissioning me for work.  which was fully unexpected. so thanks to mike and matt steele, and everyone else who worked hard on this year's nottingham murder mystery! happy to be a part of it. 

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