Tuesday, May 24, 2011

baby's first masterpiece

it saddens me to neglect you so, but i promise to get back on track real soon. i've been spending every waking moment moving my whole life into my adorable new apartment. i can't even express how nice it will be to have things the way i want and need them to be, accessibility-wise. the things as little as being able to easily grab paper towels (without accidentally pulling the entire roll off because i can't reach) or being able to use the "nice" dinnerware (that in my parents' house is stored in the upper cabinets) instead of the old crappy stash. ok, those are just a couple of the really little things that are a little less important than the flat surfaces, big shower, and low everything's (etc), but they are still what will give me a subtly, yet infinitely better quality of life. i am beyond relieved to put an end to struggling up that stupid, long ramp into my parents' house, especially after a long day at work. and by long day at work, i mean day i didn't get an unhealthy but wonderful overabundance of sleep.

i got a little crazy during my endless packing hours. it grosses me out to pack away dirty, dusty things, and i tried to put an end to my being a junk collector- so i cleaned and sorted everything i own. and this is what i found:

a special treat for you all! one of my very first drawings of all time. a hamster. age unknown. enjoy that.

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