Tuesday, May 3, 2011

munnyworld megacontest

my 8 customs entered into the munnyworld megacontest! feel free to "like" them on the entries page.  i'm pretty sure you can find all of them on pages 2 & 8.  enjoy and "like" all the other customs you like as well!  and please excuse my horrible lack of photoshopping/editting skills in the collage above...

i'm relieved and excited for the month of april to be over.  i dedicated the majority of the month to customizing kidrobot's munnyworld figures. customizing has increasingly turned into one of my absolute favorite forms of art, so when i heard there was yet another contest, i immediately became eager to make as many customs as possible. i'm not going to lie, i am of course dying to win something, but i always have so many projects going on that i was just really excited to have a reason to prioritize customizing above all else. i also used this as an opportunity to show off my customs to a large audience, tons of people check out the contest entries page, so i made a bunch in hopes of many eyes viewing them, something i may not normally get. to my surprise, i got a lot of positive comments and emails which is really exciting because i can't tell you how obsessed and in love i am with every piece i make. it's kind of weird and unnatural.

check out full photos of my customs posted so far here!
so the munnyworld megacontest entry period is over, time to relax!  just kidding. tomorrow, i head across the country to california for the autumn society's amazing 3B show at gallery 1988 ! then, literally the moment i return home on sunday, it's time to pack up my entire life, and move into my very first apartment. i will absolutely be writing about that once i'm settled, only because it's a place built especially for people in wheelchairs.. which means lots of awkwardly low and flat everything's. ahh life as a wheelchair. whatever that means. but of course, all this craziness and business wouldn't be complete without waking up yesterday with a horrible sore throat that feels like i'm being torn to shreds with thousands of knives. thank you doctor for telling me i don't have strep, but even more thank you for having no idea what the problem is.

see you next week !

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