Monday, May 2, 2011


this is slinky the lemur!  i tried to challenge myself (just a tiny bit) by keeping the sculpting to a minimun and focus more on taking advantage of the given shape of the figure.  i love to add on and make things a little more unique, so i have a hard time staying too simple.. mostly just because i get excited and want to make them detailed as possible.  i used kidrobot's trikky DIY figure to make my lemur prisoner, with the only sculpted addition to the figure itself being his tail.  i thought it would be fun to turn him into a cute little prisoner, a not so innocent cute little prisoner.  i amused myself with the little shank in his back pocket.  

instead of writing in random numbers, i used numbers that actually meant something to me to give it a personal touch.  just a little subtle (...subtle for everyone who doesn't know me at least) detail to create a personal connection between myself and my little kritter.

very, very busy week followed by an even busier month. very exciting things for me and changes in my life. more details on that later. i'll do my best to keep you in the loopty loop!

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