Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THE 3B SHOW PREMIERE (Video by Steve Czarnecki /

i've briefly mentioned my awkwardness before (...ok, more like every other post) but now you get to see it LIVE! i'm awkward enough in photos, do we really need live action?

i'm going against my better judgement by posting this, but here's a video from opening night at the 3B sShow at gallery 1988 venice in santa monica. it includes a super brief interview with gallery 1988's co-owner jenson karp, myself, and a few other artists. it's kind of a big deal for me to be posting this considering how painfully awkward i am. i was indescribably embarrassed to speak, let alone watch it now. not to mention, i was sick and lost my voice the day before. i obviously should have described my inspiration for my bttf piece in a bit more detail, considering how much there is to it... so instead, click here to read my post all about my bttf piece!
the opening was a blast. i was and am absolutely in love with a ton of the beetlejuice artwork. we were visited by not one, but two deloreans, and to my excitement, my coolness rank raised when i got in the driver's seat for a quick cheesy photo shoot. huge thanks to gallery 1988 and chogrin for having me in yet another amazing show.

.....unfortunately, my fun time was cut short when near the end of the night, i got sick and was forced to head back to the hotel for the beginning of a long (long), horrible (horrible) stomach virus. awesome.

photos of the show, from the opening, and more details about the night coming soon!

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