Monday, March 29, 2010


last week my buddy mike from ovny invited me to come along and meet/watch caleb aero paint a mural over in long branch, nj. aero is an incredible aerosol artsit who does way more than just create insane pieces of art.
"Hawaii born Caleb "Aero" is becoming a household name as one of the most active and talented international aerosol artist of his time. San Diego Magazine titled Caleb Aero the Tony Hawk of Spray Painted Murals in 05. At the forefront of the aerosol age Aero is bringing this medium to new heights and audiences around the world. By introducing Aerosol Art Parks™ he has found a solution to help funnel our youth's curiosity with spray paint in a positive direction. Aero is also the first and only aerosol artist in America to have created his own personal line of spray paint called Blubber Colors™. With over a thousand murals painted in the last decade Aero has established himself as a future legend in the aerosol art game. Whether its teaching an aerosol art workshops™ to high school students or organizing aerosol art events™ for other aspiring artist to gather. Aero is creating a difference that is opening doors for this street art form. Watch out for his new 2nd Annual "Paint our Town 2010™" Tour which showcases Aero and friends producing colorful murals as they tour from city to city."

i had the pleasure of watching aero, and another artist dezo make this huge mural from start to finish. i was there for about 5-6 hours..eventually in some rain..watching and learning, and got a short lesson on spray painting. i made a bunch of crappy circles and squares and triangles on the wall with these quick techniques. horrible, but i kinda want to practice it... i think this is the first piece at this size i've seen done like this. it was pretty amazing to see the progress of poseidon's face as it kept changing into something different. very cool. i don't know if this is what motivated me to, but i spent the next 2 days locked in my artsy room drawing and painting non stop. it was the only thing on my brain and i couldn't even force myself to do anything else. i'm just going to assume i was "inspired"
very beginning, after covering up graffiti underneath

(there are my sweet, sweet shapes on the left. haaa) finished!

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