Thursday, March 4, 2010

Munny Highlights in "Day in the Lyfe"

i figure my theme of the week seems to be munnys so far, and therefore it continues! that is the very first (mini) munny i ever made, a few years ago. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. for those of you (i'm sure most of you) who haven't seen this, my past 2 munnys were highlighted back in october in Day in the Lyfe online magazine.

"Day in the Lyfe is a world-class street art magazine and website that explores all aspects of the exploding street art culture. A creation of highly selective and discerning professional artists and journalists, Day in the Lyfe is the place all top-notch, cutting-edge street artists strive to be seen and heard. Each page is a colorful, funky, sexy adventure into the world of the urban creative class and each issue becomes a collector’s item where readers turn for inspiration, entertainment, and culture again and again."

i'm obviously not quite a street artist, but i was still pretty psyched to see them there. i'm psyched to see anything anywhere. click here to check it out!

i believe i owe a thank you to nicole and mike ( for that one. as well as of course those who run the 'zine.

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